Program Overview

In 2010 Ann and Larry Tramutola, recognizing the need for “grass roots organizers” who could take on tough issues from education to health to water quality to electing better representatives at all levels of government, decided on a bold experiment: recruit and train a new generation of organizers not beholden to special interests or political parties.

Larry Tramutola remembers: “We had an idea but no funding, no students, no curriculum. What drove us was the memory of my mentor, Fred Ross, who always taught that if you wait until you have all the resources to do something, you will never start.”

TOLA now has a curriculum, a talented bilingual staff, and we have taken on (and WON!) battles against some of the biggest baddest industries in the world. Most importantly TOLA grads are working on various issues all around the country. TOLA grads were and will be involved in important political campaigns over the next few years – working on elections that will determine the direction (and perhaps the survival) of our country.”

TOLA provides an intensive “introduction to community organizing” for motivated individuals exploring the world of organizing. It is not for everyone and significant commitment is required.