Organizing is a Lifestyle

By Harold Dela Cruz - TOLA Fall 2016

You’ve probably all thought about doing something in your lifetime that will change the world. But what does it take to create lasting change in a community? And what are some of the challenges?

At the beginning of my organizing experience with TOLA, I found it incredibly challenging to be able to juggle multiple responsibilities. After working upwards of 60 hours per week, I learned how to stay organized, take detailed notes, get work done immediately, and keep close relationships with family, friends, and my partner. I was also given the opportunity to coach and improve the skills of others.

In order to create lasting change in a community, organizers must first realize that they cannot do all of the work alone and must be able inspire and depend on others to ensure that the social change happens.

Organizing work is not a typical 9-5 job. It’s a lifestyle that requires investment from all parts of one’s life.